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3rd Annual Pine Hills Establishment Day Parade

The streets of Pine Hills were buzzing with excitement on a sunny, warm December afternoon as the community came out to celebrate the 3rd Annual Establishment Day Parade. The parade, which was held on Saturday, December 3rd, 2023, was organized by the Pine Hills Community Council, has provided  an opportunity to come together to celebrate our community. Residents and visitors alike eagerly anticipated the festivities that unfolded at Barnett Park, turning the picturesque location into a spectacle of music and joy. Attendees lined the parade route, with some even waiting in chairs to enjoy the sights and sounds.

The Establishment Day Parade, a now cherished tradition in Pine Hills, was a celebration that brought the community together in a spirit of unity and merriment. The day’s events kicked off at Barnett Park, winding its way through the charming neighborhood streets while parade participants threw candy and other goodies to the crowds. We were graced with the presence of many beloved local officials, including Orange County Sheriff John Mina, Orange County District 2 Commissioner Christine Moore, Orange County District 6 Commissioner Mike Scott, State Representative LaVon Bracy Davis, Orange County Clerk of Courts Tiffany Moore Russell,  and Congressman Maxwell Alejandro Frost, who served as the Grand Marshall for the parade.

Vibrant displays of creativity and local flair featuring banners, marching bands, and community groups filled the street. Local food trucks had spared no effort in crafting specialty plates that lingered in the air. A celebration that made it impossible to ignore the fact that Pine Hills is full of life and its residents sure know how to throw a party.

The air was filled with incredible live music and a sense of community spirit. The Establishment Day Parade was not just an event; it was a tradition that fostered a sense of unity and joy that embodied the true spirit of the locals. We can’t wait until next December to celebrate Pine Hills loudly again! Thank you to the Pine Hills Community Council, The Pine Hills Seniors, parade sponsors, and all participating organizations for giving us yet another reason to celebrate the season.  I look forward to an even bigger and better parade in 2024!

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