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Visiting the Central Florida Fair

It’s always nice to mix things up every now and then to change the monotony of life. This year, on the last day of the fair, Sunday, March 10th. I will admit, it probably has been over ten years since I last visited the fair when my kids were younger. As they got older and their desire to ride more deft-defying roller coasters, we found ourselves at some of the bigger parks. However, I must say what a pleasant surprise it was to be back after so many years. The sights, sounds, and smells were impressive and felt like a reunion. I ended up bumping into at least 10 different people and their families, most of whom I hadn't seen since the COVID-19 pandemic. The fair truly offers something for everyone. From the exhibits and award-winning displays in the main exhibit space to the live shows and livestock, it is truly a spectacle to behold. And best of all, it is right in our backyard! One of the highlights of my visit was a trip back down memory lane to the exhibit of the last remaining Blockbuster video store. The replica store was complete with movie posters, film memorabilia, an incredible array of VHS tapes (yes, VHS), and even popcorn. I even had the chance to chat with the "last remaining Blockbuster employee," who informed me that this was the first time they had tried something like this away from their home location in Bend, Oregon. I was so impressed that I had to show a picture of my old Blockbuster card, which I ironically found several years ago and decided to take a picture of it as proof. Needless to say, the Blockbuster staff was impressed. Those who haven't visited the fair in a while should do so next year. It is a very family-friendly environment with plenty to eat, see, and enjoy. The dates for next year's fair have already been announced: February 27th - March 9th, 2025. Who knows, I just might see you there!

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