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What Is The Pine Hills NID?

The Pine Hills Neighborhood Improvement District (NID) is a special district adopted by the Orange County Board of Commissioners in December 2011 to serve as a catalyst for revitalizing the local economy.

Our Vision is for Pine Hills to remain a diverse, multi-cultural community that seeks to preserve its rich history as a family-oriented community, create a safe, business-friendly environment, and offer our citizens a place to live, work, play and learn. Our Mission is to strengthen our community through partnerships with local business leaders, citizens, government institutions, and non-profit organizations with a focus on expanding local community commerce, improving infrastructure, removing business impediments, and controlling messaging and communications in social and traditional media.

The NID has implemented a long-range vision for redevelopment that focuses on bringing together local businesses, citizens, and government to build a brighter future.

The economic environment in Pine Hills is composed of a diverse mix of businesses that provide services and employment to thousands of Orange County residents.

The Pine Hills workforce population is comprised of approximately 76,000 residents, most of who are of working age (between 25 and 54). This workforce also is well educated, with a large number of high-school graduates and individuals who have completed at least some level of college education.

“Education level and the ability to provide additional skills training are critical components of an economic development strategy designed to recruit new businesses and support existing businesses interested in making significant financial investments within the community,” states Sam Weekley, Executive Director, Pine Hills Neighborhood Improvement District.

The NID recently released its 2020-21 Annual Report. The report includes key indicators which are extremely encouraging for one of Orange County’s oldest and largest neighborhoods.

To view the full Annual Report, click here!


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