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Many Hands...Yet the Same Giving Spirit

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Feed the Need Delivers 1 Millionth meal at Pine HIlls Center.

With many peopleout of work and unable to provide for pressing needs, local churches, organizations, food companies, local officials and ordinary citizens formed partnership groups to provide weekly food distributions. Orange County library provided lunch for those under 18 at various locations and Orange County Public Schools feed children at designated local schools. Food distriibutors and wholesalers, such as Second Harvest, Feed and Need and Farm Share, provided direct access to product while grateful people in long lines queued up in their vehicles to receive supplies.

Through the month of July, Feed the Need, a network of local restaurants, hotels and hospitality industry organizations, with Chef John Rivers, 4Roots, and the 4R Restaurant Group, joined forces alongside the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to provide needed meals to food-insecure students and their families through drive-up food distribution at the Pine Hills Community Center.

The weekly food distribution was planned to meet the needs of local children and families, Dr. Bailey (see photos) is known for her Bailey-Archie Charitable Foundation that annually chooses a charity that centered around caring for children. Knowing the current economic stress families are incurring she readily backed the food distribution with her support. With the help of Ms. Fatmi-Hall's Foundation and FLU students (above) they have successfully been able to bring food to hundreds of families over the 6-week period. During that time Feed the Need handed out its 1 Millionth meal.

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