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Pine Hills Vision 2050

Announced last year, Vision 2050 is a new comprehensive plan for smart, thriving, and healthy growth in our region. The initiative will guide how and where growth will occur during the next three decades. A series of Vision 2050 virtual town hall meetings were held earlier this year which provided residents opportunities to participate and provide input. Vision 2050 will be implemented through the adoption of a new land-development code called the Orange Code, which will focus on place-making standards and context-based regulations.

With proposed administrative zoning changes along a 1.8-mile Targeted Area in Pine Hills, property owners will have the option to aggregate land for larger projects or to simply keep their housing, or change and enlarge already existing buildings to accommodate a higher density of purpose. Planning options are focused within the Targeted Area, starting with changes along the North Pine Hills Corridor and several selected arterial hubs. These options are designed to show people possibilities of what could happen. For those wishing to get involved in the process, you can still express your opinion by participating in short, topic-specific surveys. Please scan the QR Code to take the current survey. For more information on Vision 2050, visit

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