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Pine Hills Safe Neighborhood Partnership Newsletter

The Pine Hills Safe Neighborhood Partnership celebrated its 3rd Annual Health, Wellness, and Safety Fair. This year, there were tons of FREE items, and our neighbors went wild with excitement. We had many vendors with valuable resources and information designed to enrich families and individuals.

Come join us on June 13th, 6 pm at Barnett Park in the Marlin room; we will continue our very successful yearlong workshop, "Let's Get Smart and Organized," where we will assist and guide you through the entire process of how to get Safe Neighborhood Partnership Grants. We are also on a mission to get more volunteers for our Citizens on Patrol Services program. Our beginning goal for our Pine Hills Community is to get 2 cars; one for District 2 and one for District 6. If you believe in Neighborhood Watch then you will love this program as we share information to improve our overall safety in our Pine Hills community.

We take a summer break in the month of July.

We will once again be on the move for our Quarterly meeting. I would like to raise your awareness and accessibility about the Pine Hills Safe Neighborhood Partnership organization.

I would like to say a special THANK YOU to Pine Hills Community Church for being such a gracious host for our last Quarterly meeting with Orange County Commissioner Mike Scott.

Rosemarie "Rose" Diehl, Volunteer President of PHSNP


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