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Pine Hills Community Council Oath of Office Ceremony

On Tuesday, January 10th, 2023, the Pine Hills Community Council held its 2023 Oath of

Office Ceremony at the Pine Hills Community Center. The "changing-of-the-guard event"

saw the organization's leadership change from outgoing President Patricia Rumph to Sandra

Fatmi-Hall. The Honorable Monique H. Worrell, State Attorney, administered the


The Pine Hills Community Council is a volunteer civic organization that advocates for

the people of Pine Hills. Board members and Directors-at-Large are committed to making a

difference through community action.

1st Vice President Dr. Latanya Nichols shared some exciting news regarding a grant for

which the Council applied. The group received word in December 2022 that they were being

awarded a $5,000 grant aimed at focusing on tree health and tree canopy in the unincorporated Pine Hills area. The Council is proud of being a grant recipient and looks forward to working with The Nature Conservancy, and its partners (Davey Trees, Infinite Zion Farms, and IDEAS For Us) collectively on the Treesilience Orlando Metro Program 2023! Mrs. Nichols encourages residents and citizens, whether they live in the Pine Hills community or not, to get involved and to be part of this exciting journey as we work together to positively impact the change we want to see in our neighborhoods and community.

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