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Pine Hills Community Council Hob Nob

The upcoming Pine Hills Community Council Hob Nob is one of

the most anticipated Hob Nobs since it debuted in 2018, with an

overwhelming participation of over 500 in attendance. The purpose of a

Hob Nob is to present candidates vying for elected office and offers voters

the opportunity to ask questions and meet and greet them. The Hob Nob

features a straw vote - an unofficial poll taken by attendees on how they

feel about candidates and issues.

With over 85,000 residents and over 60,000 registered voters in Pine

Hills, these numbers can influence elections when voters

exercise their right. Everyone is encouraged to participate and let their

voices be heard! For more information, please reach out to our Committee

Chair Sandra Fatmi-Hall at 770-789-7004 or President of the Pine Hills

Community Council Dr. Latanya Nichols.

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