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"Pick up Pine Hills" Anti-Litter Initiative!

The Pine Hills Community Council (PHCC) kicked off 2021 with its “Pick up Pine Hills" anti-litter campaign. In January 2021, the PHCC took the lead to bring together a network of community-based organizations and volunteers with a focus to bring light to the issue of environmental responsibility, anti-litter, and transforming the public’s attitude through education, engagement, and empowerment.

The Pine Hills Community Council is excited to announce the launch of its first education booklet to inform and support litter prevention, Lucky’s Anti-Litter and Beautification Pick Up and Cleanup Guide: An Educational Coloring & Activity Book. The coloring and activity book focuses on teaching Pre-K through 12th grade students, and others, about the importance of anti-litter rules and how littering can negatively impact the health, economic, environment, and safety of our neighborhood and community, and the world.

The anti-litter and beautification activities book is fun, colorful, engaging, and is closely aligned to numerous of the Florida K-12 Civics and Government Standards and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for Health Education for the 2021-22 school year. Educators and volunteers may refer to the standards alignment information provided by PHCC to use as a guide when sharing teaching and learning activities about anti-litter, community service, beautification, and environmental rules and laws related to home, school, and community.

To find out more about Lucky Litter's coloring and activity book or to schedule a learning adventure, contact Dr. Latanya Nichols at or

About The Author - Myra Johnson, PHCC Beautification Anti-Litter Committee

In the 1950's we had the advent of television, and it opened the outside world. We saw the events transpiring in other parts of the country and world. My high school history teacher had one requirement to pass his class. We had to read the paper every day and one day he would pop a quiz. He would teach the background behind the current event. It shaped my worldview and instilled in me a life-long habit to understand what is happening around us. We moved to Florida in 1971 moving here just prior to the opening of Disney.

We respected the land and waterways because they provided for our livelihood. We took care of it, just as we have to take care of, feed, nurture and train our children until they are able to provide for themselves. Each child has a gift that must be nurtured to bring everybody's talent to full bloom. We teach our children to crawl, walk, run, sing, brush their teeth, potty train, ABC's, colors, shapes, etc. It takes patience and work to develop their full potential. We are to give them “roots and wings” – grounded and rooted in the basics and the courage to go out into the world and be all that they are meant to be.

I believe we are a "perfecting union”, not perfect but moving toward a more perfect union. Love will win over hate; light will shine eventually. If we all do our part, we will achieve Dr. King's dream.

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