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Orange County ‘Core’ Market Area Defines Pine Hills

Vision 2050 uses three ‘Scales for Planning’ purposes. Orange County has given a number of public presentations that show how defined Market Areas of OC will give order and describe the character and diversity of six (6) geographical regions. Sectors will define how the area should be developed and Place Types tell us what neighborhoods may become in form, scale, character and formation.

The Core Market Area places Pine Hills together with the City of Orlando. This placement results from a population density and employment density for Orange County that is higher than any other Market Area. The illustration shows Core home to 39% of OC population and that 85% of its 1.4 M population is included in only 4 of 6 Areas.. Another illustration not shown defines the Core as holding 46 % of county jobs and that 4 of 6 Market Areas represents 92% of all jobs. Depending on where you live may determine local improvements, how they might look and how long it will take to get them.

If you live in Orange County, you need to follow the work of the Vision 2050 team. Look at what they have to say regarding Market Area, Sectors and Place Types.

Go to Planning Sectors & Place Types will be present during Feb 2021 - March 2021. Comp Plan/Code Framework related to Form Based Codes Implementation are scheduled for April - May 2021

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