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Let’s Eat

Get Hooked Seafood Kitchen

While we are not 100% sure who came up with the

name Get Hooked Seafood Kitchen, however

"getting hooked" is exactly what happens after you

eat at this thriving, Pine Hills restaurant. Located at

5107 Silver Star Rd., this seafood eatery, owned and

operated by husband and wife team Morris Hicks and

Cara Jackson-Hicks is a must-have! The expansive

menu is a seafood lover's

dream featuring including

shrimp, snow crabs,

fried fish, crawfish, and

even conch salad (which

is made fresh, in-house


The story of how the restaurant came to be is one

of hard work and determination! Starting out from

doing seafood parties from their home, to plates

out of their car, to eventually moving up to a food

trailer, the couple continuously was building their

brand and demand for their delicious seafood. With

the encouragement of their family and followers,

the Hicks took the leap and opened the restaurant

in 2016. When asked what was the decision behind

opening a restaurant in Pine Hills, Mrs. Hicks' answer

was simple. "This is home!" The Pine Hills native is

an Evans High School graduate who also splits her

time as a realtor. Mr. Hicks, on the other hand, is the

man that makes the magic happen. It was his love for

seafood at an early age with his family who would eat

seafood a couple of times per week.

Those early lessons led to the unique cooking

techniques and seasonings that set this restaurant

apart. The couple has been extremely pleased with

the support of the community and is looking forward

to sponsoring events and activities as their way to

give back to the community.

As with any business owner, expansion is always on

the back of your mind, and it is no different for the

Hicks. Opening a second location is something the

couple has discussed. And while it's in the cards,

they are still working towards that goal. When asked

about where they might envision a second location,

several locations came up as possibilities including

Kissimmee or even an East Orlando location.

Whichever location they choose, the surrounding

neighborhood is in for a treat.

The Hicks family wishes to extend a heartfelt,

meaningfully, and sincere thank you to all of their

customers for their business. "The greatest gift you can

bestow is to let us know you’ve enjoyed our seafood

by telling and referring a friend, if you haven’t enjoyed

it, please tell us so we may have the opportunity to

correct the issue."

If you are ready for some really good food, this place is

a must-try. Hint!-Try the steam shrimp bowl,

a New Orleans-style dish with potatoes, corn,

and sausage. It's almost a 100% guarantee

that you will get hooked! 

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