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2020 OCPS Outstanding Adult Volunteer Award Recipent

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Orange County Public Schools recognized local Pine Hills leader, Sandra Fatmi-Hall, past president of the Pine Hills Community Council, for her volunteer work with OCPS. For the last 6 years through her foundation, United Foundation of Central Florida, Ms. Fatmi-Hall has mentored and positively impacted 300 students by providing positive experiences and opportunities that promote civil responsibility and develop leadership skills. She has also raised over $50,000 toward senior scholarships.

In addition, Ms. Fatmi-Hall organized a student leadership program, Future Leaders United (FLU), that seeks to establish civic pride and responsibility through offering service to others (see photo at right above). This after-school mentoring program serve the students at Evans Community HIgh School, Meadowbrook Middle and Robbinswood Middle Schools. Students receive guidance, mentoring for college readiness, post high school skills, and leadership through community service.

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