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Holiday Safety Tips: "Lockers & Boxes"

Everyone looks forward with great anticipation to opening presents on Christmas Day! However after the presents are opened, the last thing on anyone's mind is how to dispose of the boxes, especially boxes of expensive or large-ticket items. With the unprecedented increase of online shopping in recent years, there has also been an increase in "porch pirates" who steal your packages right from your front door. If you are a frequent shopper of Amazon and receive boxes at your home where they may be vulnerable to theft, consider using the alternative delivery options that may be available to you including Amazon Locker. Amazon Locker is a secure, self-serve, fully automated kiosk providing a convenient delivery solution for customers to pick up their Amazon packages.

For criminals, an empty box is an advertisement of sorts for what may be inside the house. That's where the burglar box comes in. Thieves look for those big-screen televisions, computers & video game console boxes on curbs. In an effort to protect your home and your valuables, consider using a Burglar Box!

The Orange County Sheriff's Office reports a spike in residential burglaries this time of year and many thieves will troll neighborhoods looking for evidence of homes with expensive electronics. In response, the Orange County Sheriff's Office has placed dumpsters around the county where you can recycle your cardboard boxes safely and away from the eyes of would-be thieves.

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