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Holiday Eating: Beyond Holiday Weight Gain

Are you fearing the dreaded holiday weight gain? It is that time of year again when we start to indulge in all the holiday goodness while stressing out about how this will affect our waistlines. Well, I am here to tell you not to worry. Studies have shown that holiday weight gain only results in about 1-2 pounds.

Extra weight gain could be due to other factors, including water weight from eating out more,

holiday stress, not sleeping enough, or poor sleep quality. Unless you put in extra effort to

eat your way from Thanksgiving through the new year, keeping your weight on track requires just a few tips and a plan.

Do you have a wellness plan routine? Are you currently using a specific eating plan or exercise routine? This time of year, our priorities shift, and our wellness routine is the first

thing to fall off our schedule. Sticking to your plan, and keeping up with your current diet will keep your body consistent and allow you not to feel guilty about indulging in holiday treats. Be sure to choose your holiday splurges carefully and eat items you truly enjoy.

Be mindful, and don’t consume everything in sight for the sake of holiday celebrations.

Exercising through the holidays is great for avoiding weight gain and has countless benefits.

Maintaining an exercise routine during this busy time helps with stress management, sleep quality, insulin resistance, lowering blood pressure, etc.

Don’t have a wellness plan/routine? You do not have to wait until January to begin. The end of the year is an excellent time for reflection and a great time to start incorporating new habits that can roll into the new year. Adding physical activity to your daily routine can be as simple

as walking after dinner or cycling to reap the benefits.

Being mindful about what you eat and focusing on healthy foods outside of holiday gatherings

will support your health through the new year. The holidays are about enjoying our families and friends. Don’t let the stress of weight gain affect your enjoyment. In between parties, look for ways to stay healthy through physical activity, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep. Creating a wellness plan and sticking to it will make you merry all season long.

If you don’t have a wellness plan and need help getting started, check out our free programs at Hebni Nutrition to help you end the year right and start 2023 with a bang.

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