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  • Glen Providence

Editor's Chair

Hello! I’m Glen and let me begin by saying it’s a pleasure to “meet you". If someone had told me a year ago that I would be operating a paper, I would have laughed. However, this journey in some respects serves as a form of vindication for me. Twenty years ago, I worked as a Corporate Communications Director for an oil and gas company where I had a manager who made my work environment unbearable. She would unfairly keep a stack of errors that I made, even if it was clear that I was only submitting a draft of a document for her to review. It

got to the point where she even suggested that I enroll in remedial writing classes! And while coincidences are varying and random, in most cases I don’t believe in them. Instead, I believe that this was all pre-ordained and God has prepared me for a moment like this. Some may even call this luck. However, one of my favorite quote’s states that “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity". This quote, attributed to Roman philosopher Seneca, reminds us that we can make our own luck. I will use this section to be honest, transparent, and straightforward with you. I’ll start by saying that I’m not 100% sure where this is going to end up, but I am ready to take the journey. I would like to thank Noel and Bertina Busch for opening the doors to this opportunity. For the last 25 years, they have operated The Pine Hills Press (precursor to The Midtown Press) with the highest level of professionalism and the desire to show the good of Pine Hills and surrounding communities. Welcome to the future of The Midtown Press! I look forward to working with you. P.S. I am a bit quiet initially, but I warm up quickly. So, to break the ice, if you see me, please be sure to share with me your favorite ice cream flavor - I'll share more about that in a later issue.

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