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Code Enforcement Becomes CodeCompliance, Merges with Neighborhood Services

Neighborhoods have for decades had a love/hate relationship with Code Enforcement. Homeowners want order where they live...the grass cut, the trash picked up, and parked vehicles off the right-of-way. It's important to keep up houses, paint them, repair them and to not store junk in the front yard. All this leads to serious problems between the clean-up voices and the 'I don’t care what it looks like' crowd.

According to Jason Reynolds, the new Neighborhood Services director, the focus has always been on compliance—getting people to mow their lawns and clean up their property. Changing the name to Code Compliance just reflects what the focus has always been.

At the February virtual meeting of the Pine Hills Community Council, Reynolds spoke with members and listeners who expressed concerns about a reduced lack of enforcement within their neighborhoods. Reynolds reassured them that enforcement is still very much a part of the equation.

He encouraged everyone to download the Orange County 311 app to their cell phones, take pictures of code violations and send them to Code Compliance for action.

The following conditions and adjacent photos illustrate some code violations:

-Placing snipe signs along the roadways

-Allowing your grass to grow taller than 18 inches

-Not fencing your pool

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